How to Recover Lost Photos from Damaged SD card

SD cards are used in the portable devices such as digital cameras, digital camcorders, hand held computers, notebook computers, PDAs, media players, mobile phones, GPS receivers, and video game consoles as a storage device. This non volatile 2 GB is highly vulnerable to damage due to its flexibility. A logical, mechanical or human error can damage the SD card thereby making the data (photos) in it inaccessible. This is an obvious case of data loss. To get back the data, you can format the card. If you have an updated backup, you can recover the photos even after formatting the card. But in case you do not have a proper backup, SD card recovery software  is a brilliant tool to recover the photos from corrupt SD card.

Consider a situation wherein you are using a digital camera with a SD card. Supposing, while you were transferring the photos from the SD card to your laptop, somebody ignorantly pulled out the SD card from the card holder. When you again fixed the card on your laptop, you found the laptop no more recognizes the card. Further you encounter the error message that reads:

“cannot read from the card. do u want to format it?”

This can cause serious damage of your card resulting in the inaccessibility of the photos in the camera. This further alarms that your photos can not be retrieved any more. But, rest assure. With the technological advancement, your data can be easily be recovered from the SD card.


To resolve such a problem, you have to perform the following steps:

  • Re-format the SD card in your digital camera
  • Restore the lost data from a backup copy
  • In absence of a proper backup, you can use a third party SD card recovery software in order to recover the inaccessible photos

The SD card recovery software are highly efficient tools that can recover your photos with a success rate up to 100%. The software implements advanced algorithm to systematically scan the SD card to trace the photos and save than at the default or user defined location.

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